Builders Club is a student led community service club on the middle school level that teaches members the value of helping others through participation in community service projects and club activities. There is currently an active Builders Club at La Plata Middle School.

(When school resumes, this page will be updated regularly for news of Builder's Club)

Builders Club Fundraiser -- Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients is a fundraiser for children with blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Twenty years ago a child diagnosed with blood cancer had a 4% chance of survival. They now have an 85% chance of survival. This is thanks, in large part, to reserach funded by projects like Pennies for Patients.

At La Plata Middle School this year, the Builders Club sponsored the fundraiser and raised $2,089.86!  Thanks to everyone who contributed and a big thank you to Wells Fargo for helping with the coin counting!